Saturday, December 22, 2012


2008 was an epic year for me. At 21 years old, I had lost 100 pounds all by myself. That, my friends, is my definition of a miracle. When asked, who is my hero, I quickly respond 356-pound version of Liana. I have a relatively short list of heroes and she most certainly belongs on it. Why am I my own hero? That may sound a bit egocentric but it isn’t. It’s revolutionary. I often encounter people who have lost weight and when they look back on the heavier versions of themselves, they are disgusted. They are ashamed, embarrassed and uncomfortable with the image of what they used to be. That’s not my story. I give all the credit of who I am today to a very broken, wounded but courageous young lady who at 356 pounds, made a decision to fight for her own life. I was afraid but I was desperate and hopeful enough to take a chance. I took a chance on myself. When is the last time you took a chance on yourself?    

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Holiday Weight Loss Thought: I was having a conversation the other day with someone so I thought I would share my opinion about weight loss and the holidays. It is my personal opinion that the healthiest approach to making it through the holidays is to focus on maintenance. Don't be so unrealistic and hard with yourself that you can't enjoy the festivities. On the other hand, don't throw away this time by gaining a whole bunch of unnecessary holiday weight. Eat reasonably, workout consistently to help off-set some of the extra calories you may intake from some of the treats. Limit yourself and exercise self control. Pick the treats and meals that matter most to you and enjoy those. For example, on Christmas I have a brunch with my adopted family, gumbo with my parents and then dessert with my entire family. GUMBO matters most to me. So, I won't be eating all the danishes and carbs with breakfast and dessert that night will be a very small portion and I just might make some fat-free brownies so I know there is something there for me to eat. And of course, I will be going for a run that morning. Heck, I may start incorporating a few 2-a-day workouts just to keep myself on track. Learn to tell yourself, 'No" so that you can tell yourself, "Yes." Don't forget to enjoy the MUSIC, THE LIGHTS, & ALL THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. At least that's what makes the holidays special to me :-)