Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have been eating a lot of more meat than usual and I wanted to give my body a break and detox before I entered into doing a 21-Day Fast (No Meat, No Sweets, No Alcohol) with my church. I have done several cleanses over time and what I tried to do here was combine what I liked from the different cleanses in order to produce the maximal results for myself both physically and mentally. I did not want to feel like I was depriving myself and suffering over the course of the cleanse but I also wanted to cut back and make sure that I was giving myself the proper products/nutrients that would cleanse and fuel my body. ENJOYABLE TASTE & PHYSICAL BENEFIT ARE EQUALLY IMPORTANT TO ME!

Throughout the course of this detox/cleanse, my goal is to avoid animal products (meat/dairy), processed foods and sugars. The goal is for everything to be natural and plant based. FEEL FREE TO TRY MY DETOX & GIVE ME FEEDBACK ON HOW IT WORKS FOR YOU!!!!



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