Saturday, July 9, 2011


I realize that i eat/ate so much because i really enjoy the taste of food and i get a lot of food because i don't want that taste to cease but the reality of it is that, IT WILL CEASE.

there will come a moment that i am no longer eating that dish. so the question becomes, "not if the moment will cease but, when will the moment cease?" and more so, after that moment has ceased, "how do i feel? and what are the lasting results of my decision?"

for example, "I can eat one cookie or the entire bag BUT at some point i will no longer be eating the cookie and how will i feel about myself and how will my body be impacted after i make the decision?"

if i eat one cookie, i would have enjoyed the taste of the cookie, i will feel good about myself and i would not have gained weight/unhealthy side effects OR i can eat the whole bag, enjoy the taste, feel extremely guilty and down about myself and my body would have been negatively impacted....make sense?

i know my thought process on food is extensive but it is what it takes to help me make good decisions

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