Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Thoughts Before THE OPRAH SHOW!!!!

So this is crazy....I am sitting here getting ready to go to Harp Studio because I was invited to the Oprah Finale Weight Loss Show. Is this really happening? I was one of 100 people who have lost 100 pounds or more and have in some way been inspired by Oprah herself or someone on a past show.

Who knew this would be where my journey leads? Who knew that when I was in tears because I did not make the Biggest Loser, last year, that I would be sitting in this hotel room getting ready to head out to Harpo Studios to be apart of the festivities. I can't believe this. Though I am happy, I don't feel like it has hit me yet.

I just know that God has great plans for my future. I am sooooo blessed and overwhelmed with joy. As a child I hoped for great things to happen to me and then I stopped hoping. I stopped hoping and I began wishing. See hope means that we have a confident expectation. Many of us say that we hope for things to occur but what we are really saying is that we wish, it would be really nice but we don't have hope. We don't have a confident expectation that goodness would shower our lives and so we just live, complacent, mediocre, just existing type of lives and we wait....we wait for someone to pour into us.

Well, 3 years ago I stopped waiting for others to value me, in order to feel sufficient. I decided that if I valued myself then I needed to pour into my own life and thus, my journey to freedom from obesity began and here I am, 3 years later, 150 pounds loss getting ready to head out to Harpo Studios!

Oprah said two things in her Master Class Interview that stood out to me. "God can dream a bigger dream for me than I could ever dream for myself." See, when I started this journey it was solely about freedom. I had no expectations of others caring or investing in my life. I just wanted to live a full and abundant, fear-free, joyous life and along the way I began to hope for some things that did not occur, like the biggest loser. But in the face of that disappointment, what I did not know was God had bigger dreams for me and so today, my prayer is, "Lord fulfill YOUR dreams for me!"

Secondly, she said that she learned in the 3rd grade, "When you do well, people notice." I took that as saying, not that you live your life to perform for others but when you do well, it is a natural progression that others will notice. This journey has proven that for me. I am so excited to be here because there are other people here who share in my story. In my everyday life, I don't know anyone who has lost over 100 pounds naturally and that shows me that God is positioning me to show my surroundings that, you too can do this...that, MY DOING WELL, is not just about me but a testimony to others that the "SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE!" I am a living witness....that when you look fear in the face and say, "LET'S GO," MIRACLES HAPPEN!

Soooooooo, with great excitement and uncertainty, I head to the studio and as soon as I know the air date, I will share it with you all!!!!!!

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  1. AMAZING!!!! Glad to have shared the stage with you pretty lady!!! God Bless :))