Tuesday, January 25, 2011


"Have you learned nothing?" I am so glad that these are not God's words to me. What am I talking about? As many of you know, I started this journey 3 years ago. I have been fighting obesity in my life and with it, has come many ups and downs (more ups than downs however).

I set out this month to lose 10lbs and it is not going to happen. I just got home from a 2-week trip in Atlanta where for the first 1/2 of the trip, I was snowed in the house, on top of the fact that my relatives don't share my same healthy life style. There were many temptations. Some I gave in on and some I resisted. I LOVE FRENCH FRIES and I probably had them 4xs while I was there, on top of other things I ate on my tirp: biscuits, hashrowns, chips, candy etc. Don't get me wrong, I took every opportunity I could to shower my body with veggies, even had my aunt get me a big bag of spinach from costco and drank lots of carrot juice and water. I ate as healthily as I could and I also indulged in minimal "bad foods".

I just weighed myself this morning and I gained a pound. The old Liana would have been down on herself but I am not. It's like, "Why the heck would I beat up on myself after 3 years? Are you kidding me?" It would be as if I have learned nothing. Considering my vacation, a pound is nothing. What I mean is, you cannot disregard life and limit your evaluation to only the scale. In my attempt to be free from obesity, I cannot enslave myself to the process of losing weight. I tell people all the time, "This is a mind battle, Baby!"


While I desire to reach my goal this year and be totally free from obesity, if it takes another 3 years, I will still conclude, it was all worth it. Take note, it will not take me another 3 years but my point is, I have gained so much over these past three years. I have gained much more than the 130-140lbs that I have lost. I have drive, confidence, love, security, peace, hope, vision, compassion, openness, vulnerability, perspective, genuineness, joy, happiness, foundation, trust, relentlessness, motivation and so much more that all cannot be undermined because i gained a pound.

I was reminded the other day that if I never lose another pound, so what? My identity is not in weight loss. However, it is in Christ alone! If I gain it all back (which I won't), but if I did, my identity and value are STILL, in Christ alone! That is how much I am worth to Him. I did nothing to gain His love and validation and I can do absolutely nothing to lose it. But in His strength, I AM MORE THAN A CONQUEROR AND WILL FACE EVER DEMON/OBSTACLE/TRIAL this life will throw at me.

It is my hope that you nor I will ever lose focus....never focus so much on now that you lose sight of eternity. My body matters a lot to me but God is doing a greater work in my heart and this process is just the avenue He has chose to do it through. Your issue may not be weight but God is trying to teach you a lesson.

Let God not say to you, "HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING?"

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