Sunday, December 5, 2010

REFLECTIONS ON MY 5K...12/5/2010

Today, December 5th, this morning, at 7:30am on the Back Lot of Universal Studios, I RAN MY FIRST EVER 5K. I have so many emotions, thoughts and feelings about this monumental moment in my life. You know, I am finally starting to feel like the girl I always knew was truly hidden deep inside of me. It’s like I am allowing her to be unleashed. I am not becoming some new, and unheard of Liana. I am unleashing the beast that has always been trapped behind all of my fears, uncertainties, and insecurities about life.

I’ve always felt that deep inside of me, there was an athlete but while I wanted to experience that world, my weight and fear of other people’s thoughts of me, held me bound and unmovable. I kinda just moved through life, experiencing happy moments but never really satisfied for full of joy because I always knew that a piece of me was trapped, silenced, tamed, paralyzed. But, this morning....THIS MORNING symbolized that unleashing of the me inside of all of me.

Around this time, 2007, I set out to take back my own fight obesity. I was 350 plus pounds and miserable underneath all of the weight. I was a happy girl but my weight was just a hinderance that kept me from experiencing the fullness of life and i decided, NO MORE!....Here I am 3 years later, 220lbs and still fighting the fight. I’ve always felt like there was a runner deep inside of me. God didn’t give me these calves for nothing. I have not attainted it yet, but I press towards the mark...striving for excellence, knowing that God has not brought me this far along my journey to quit now.

I feel...I feel, FREE! I feel VICTORIOUS...I feel CAPABLE...I feel STRONG...I feel BRAVE...I feel ACCOMPLISHED...i feel LIKE AN ATHLETE!

“When you set your mind to do something, DO IT...Victory over OBESITY” (ME).

“Fighting obesity one decision at a time” (ME).






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