Tuesday, August 3, 2010

week 10 - Video Vlog

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  1. Liana this is such a powerful message! It is my belief that the Biggest Loser was to restrictive for YOUR truth...God's truth. Although the show airs in televisions nationwide, the platform was not large enough and liberated enough for what God has called you to do. Your voice is powerful. Your journey is powerful. YOU are powerful....in Christ. The encouragement and challenge that you are to others is BIGGER than the Biggest Loser. Even the name is restrictive to who you are as a Daughter of the King. You are a WINNER and not a loser, a VICTOR and not a victim. The editing the hollywood does is not totally about setting people free. You are ushering in liberty not only for yourself but for others who come in contact with you. I love you and I appreciate your journey and your process! You are one fabulously fit female frick....or are you frack? Anyway, blessings mama!