Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WEEK 10- conquering on the daily... check out the photos!

This week I didn't lose a significant amount of weight...only a couple of ounces. However, if you look at my pictures today from even last week, you can see a significant difference. I am determined to wear those grey pants for my birthday, which is less than one month away (September 1st).

Also, check it out...people say you can't see abs under fat but I am convinced that those are my abs forming. My stomach area has not always looked like that. These pictures are motivating me to continue taking back my life. Please watch the video for more information on how my week has gone....


  1. Go 'head girl and do the splits!! I'm cheering you on (from the bleachers) but cheering nonetheless. lol Keep pushin!!!

  2. Look at how thin your face is!!! And I see Abs too!!! I am so impressed and so motivated!!!