Friday, August 27, 2010


These past fews days have been quite amazing. It was just two weeks ago that I was preparing a goal-list for myself and one of my personal goals was to be able to do a "full body pushup" by Summer of next year...I made that goal so far in the distance because I was under the impression that I had to loose so much more weight before I reached I am overwhelmed to announce that over this past weeks I have built from being able to do NO PUSHUPS to 10...I can't believe it either! This 228lb girl can get down on the ground and do "Regular" not "Girl-style" pushups and even in this moment, it still amazes me! I am so proud of myself...I at a place where I am pushing the limitations and minimal expectations that I have placed on's still rough but when dreams slowly creep into your reality, the walls and barriers called "impossible" begin to fade ad the line between the imaginary and reality slowly dissipates...that invisible reality if the "unknown" begins to meet with destiny and faith become the fuel and causes this fire in my heart to burn....this flame of hope that has transcended time and space and entered into my TODAY!!! just loving life...why? BECAUSE I CAN DO PUSH-UPS!!...ME, liana saidah sims...a 228lb girl on a journey to freedom!!!!

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