Sunday, July 25, 2010

destination vs. journey

you know i've really been thinking lately. pondering and reflecting over this weight loss process i have been in...

people often say to me, "it's not about the destination, it's about the journey"...i say, "The Hell With That!'s definitely about the destination and im grateful for the woman i am becoming on this journey"...I started my weight loss journey in 2007 and i await my final destination but in the meantime, I enjoy the woman God is molding me to be.

i must say, when i began i never imagined the level of heart and life transformation that would take place. i never knew the joy and freedom to live that God would give me. I couldn't hope for the amount of peace i have in my life because some things God gives that we don't even request. He just gives it because it is sooo good for us. at the same time, i am over 100lbs closer to my goal and i wait, a little anxious, to knock off the last leg...i figure i have about 90 more pound to go but we shall gonna base it on what i see in the mirror not on what the scale says.

i've never been more encouraged by myself while anxious at the same time. is it wrong for me to want this part of the journey to be over? is it wrong for me to long to finally reach my destination? is it really wrong? i feel like when people say, "you are anxious to be done" like if i agreed with that comment that in some way or another, it is a negative thing. i mean geeze....i started at about 350lbs....who can blame me? i've put literal sweat and tears into this process...invested in my own liberation and now i am learning to wait but i i will never deny that I AM READY for it it be OVER!!! not ashamed and not apologetic....

howver, enjoying the JOURNEY while i press towards towards the DESTINATION!!

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