Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WEEK 4: day 22.... - 3lbs baby..see the photos

This week was pretty amazing....not because i lost a drastic amount of weight, because i didn't, but because i fought the battles in my mind that told me i could not participate in certain exercises (spin class, hiking, running) and i conquered in those areas. so here are the results from this week...

Beginning Weight = 256 lbs

This Week's Loss = 3 lbs

Total Loss = 11 lbs

Current Weight = 245 lbs


  1. Like I said before, I am so proud of you. The pants pics really show great progress. You are really working hard. We both need to remember your words of encouragement to me in my pursuit of a six-pack: Eat your carbs, don't drink them! LOL Do the donuts I eat count? Doh! Love you and keep on encouraging us.

  2. Papa Kevin it's "i would rather eat my calories than drink them"...lol...no donuts if u want that 6-pack or at least, once a month...lol