Friday, June 4, 2010

Reflections on Day 4

today i decided not to work out...sunday would have been my day of rest but i decided i needed to chill and release some gonna hop up early tomorrow morning and workout and the gym and swim and then go walking with mom...i cooked for the family which is something i love doing this summer because when i cook it forces them to eat healthy....once again, this is not just about me but the community that i live in...i made some good salmon and some good oh steamed broccoli and grilled corn...yummy...anywho, i found myself being encouraged by friends today...thanking God for putting people in my life who refuse to allow me to give up on myself...

there are days that i go to sleep and wish God would allow me to wake up small but i know that there is something He is teaching me in the PROCESS and though i want it to be over, only He knows my ultimate good so i am learning to be patient, do my part and trust Him every step of the way...

Thank God for God and His concern for little oh day this stomach will be gone and until then i push forward, striving towards me goals and enjoying my today...i am truly blessed and if i focus on my flaws, i will never enjoy the beauties of my life... so as i journey to be a better me, may i never forget that i am sufficient TODAY!!!

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