Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reflections on Day 30

I havn't reflected in a while though, I am writing a book about this journey soooo pray for that my creative genius flows....i feel good about my 13lb loss though ive been going over board on the cashews lately...i need to slow down...other than that, my workouts are still going everyday with one day excited that i almost fit those jeans...can't wait to rock them...and i think im gonna invest in myself and get a new bike...i have a beach cruiser but if i am really gonna go biking i need a more steady and durable bike...we will just excited about the newness in my thing that kinda haunts me is my desire to FALL IN LOVE....tryna wait patiently but geeze, when is my turn????? good thing i love myself though...don't need a man to let me know im worth loving just want a man who will love me....

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