Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reflections on Day 2...hard but accomplished

its kinda past day two given that it is 12:31 in the morning but this shows you how long my day has been. i am in so much pain right was a good day though. i worked out with my mom this morning at the track...that was cool because it helps me remember that it is not all about me....even while walking on the track, i wanted to walk faster to feel like i was getting a better workout but my mom wanted me to walk with her and her pace is different that mine and i had a moment and had to realize that sometimes in this life, you gotta slow down long enough to be a support to people around you....never get sooo focused on your personal goals that you forget to be part of the lives and aspirations of others....i love helping my mom out and when she was done walking...i ran a little and we left....good stuff

now to the hard part, i was given a challenge to run 10 x 1 minute sprints on the treadmill today...omg it was soooo hard...on sprint 3 i was ready to give up...i stopped and i prayed and i cried...and the amazing part about it is my aunt and i had just had a convo about how powerful prayer is...i said, "God please get me through this....give me the strength to finish"....and He did...i thought of the words of Bob from the Biggest Loser, "GET UP AND FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED!!" and i body is in pain but God got me through.....

that's it for now yall...let's do this!


  1. day two. ROCK THAT!!
    (i hope it's not annoying that i keep commenting... but girl... when i said im cheering for you... i meant it!)

  2. omg potsie not at all...i love it and i love motivates me when the pain is screaming louder than my dreams!!!!