Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reflections on Day 1

Today was quite difficult...but i stuck in there and finished strong. I stuck to a healthy eating regimen (the easy part) and I worked out twice today (the hard part)...i had a moment in the gym, during my first workout, and i almost cried....i couldn't believe how out of shape i am and how much pain and windedness i got from my workout...i was mad at my friend who worked me out because she would not let up but im glad she did not let up because she has not lost sight of my goals and how bad i want them.....

i guess i did not realize how hard this would be but honestly, some things you can't realize until you are in the moment but when you make up your mind that your goal is worth the pain, you will cry, scream, shout, get mad but you will endure and you will persevere....day 1 is over and i am proud of myself because i had a major headache but i never gave up. i chose to see this day through....i am worth it...i don't just want to exist, I WANT TO LIVE!!! 23yrs of life, i have EXISTED overweight and today i choose to LIVE, conquering my weight...

"fighting obesity one decision at a time"....looking forward to tomorrow....goodnight for now


  1. You got this girl! Cheering for you from South Korea!

  2. awww...you said you weren't mad at me ;-) as I said then, i'll say now - I'm very proud of you!!