Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reflections on Day 30

I havn't reflected in a while though, I am writing a book about this journey soooo pray for that my creative genius flows....i feel good about my 13lb loss though ive been going over board on the cashews lately...i need to slow down...other than that, my workouts are still going everyday with one day excited that i almost fit those jeans...can't wait to rock them...and i think im gonna invest in myself and get a new bike...i have a beach cruiser but if i am really gonna go biking i need a more steady and durable bike...we will just excited about the newness in my thing that kinda haunts me is my desire to FALL IN LOVE....tryna wait patiently but geeze, when is my turn????? good thing i love myself though...don't need a man to let me know im worth loving just want a man who will love me....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 VLOG...check it out!!!

check out below to see pictures for the week!!


I can't believe that I have completed my first month already....and with a total weight loss of 13lbs. I went into this month with a goal of 20lbs but nevertheless, I am still excited about my progress but I am most excited about how my jeans fit now versus when I began on June 1st. I am almost in those jeans. I can't wait to rock them!!!! I am inspired by myself and that is alot coming from a girl like me....I TRULY BELIEVE IN ME LIKE NEVER BEFORE....IM GOING HARD AFTER MY DREAMS AND NO ONE CAN'T STOP ME....

Beginning Weight = 256 lbs

Weekly Weight Loss = 2 lbs

Total Weight Loss = 13 lbs

Current Weight = 243 lbs.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reflections on Day 23

i feel sooo good...i took a spin class this morning also on mon, weds, and thurs i work out with my aunt at her house. i find out that she can't workout today but i pushed myself to do a workout dvd at home and i was SWEATING...i love two things these days, SWEATING & being DONE with a workout...push yourselves people and the results WILL yield themselves!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 VLOG


WEEK 4: day 22.... - 3lbs baby..see the photos

This week was pretty amazing....not because i lost a drastic amount of weight, because i didn't, but because i fought the battles in my mind that told me i could not participate in certain exercises (spin class, hiking, running) and i conquered in those areas. so here are the results from this week...

Beginning Weight = 256 lbs

This Week's Loss = 3 lbs

Total Loss = 11 lbs

Current Weight = 245 lbs

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reflections on Day 16

i wrote this earlier today as i returned from the gym...

It’s been a good day already! I just got home from an early morning workout. I worked out for two hours this morning and the first hour was a spin class. I went to a spin class once before, over a year ago, and it was so difficult for me that I told myself I would never go back to one and here I am proud of myself because I faced my fears. I sweat so bad but it felt so good. Two of my favorite things these days are sweating and being DONE with a workout. This weight loss journey has taught me so much about myself, especially in areas I want to improve in. Most people don’t know because I typically keep my major issues very internal. I have had a huge struggle with shame and embarrassment, greatly as a result of my size. So whenever I am in a situation when I feel shame or embarrassment, I do all I can to remove myself from the environment. Well, as a result of years of torment, I realize that I have adopted feelings of shame, even when they were not being placed on me. For example, the first spin class I ever attended. Because I could not keep up with other folks in the class, I felt like people would focus on me and I would look foolish or weak. But I decided in 2007 to face my fears and it has been one step at a time. It is all about getting my mind right. I have to tell myself, “this is not about anyone else but you Liana. Go at your own pace and just don’t give up. Slow down, if necessary, but don’t give up. Push yourself, when you can, but just don’t give up.” That is exactly what I did today. When I found myself worried about whether or not, I looked foolish because I was sitting on the bike instead of standing with everyone else, I refocused and I must admit, I felt encouraged to go at my own rate when I saw other people taking a rest when necessary to them. But one thing is for sure, it is all about my mentality. That is why I have decided no matter how hard times may get during this season, complaining does not have room in my mind. I’ll cus and I will cry but I made God a promise that as long as He gives me the strength to face my challenges, I won’t complain. When I complain, it changes my mindset, it hinders my strength and fortitude to move forward with my workout. It allows doubt and fear to creep in through the back doors of my heart and the next thing you know, I’m giving up the fight, barely putting forth effort and consumed by the idea of the workout being over. I can’t afford that happening, especially with the goals I have in mind. I have to push and pray...push and pray and trust that God has not brought me this far on my journey to leave me....I will cus and I will cry but I made up in my mind that complaining has no room in my heart, for it will only hinder me.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


WEEK 3: day 15....not what i wanted but still lost

Today, I feel emotional. Though I lost weight, I don't feel accomplished. I wanted to loose so much more. I cried when I got off the scale this morning because I want it all gone and it's not happening at the rate I want...ughhhh

Starting Weight = 256 lbs

This week's lost = 2 lbs

Total lost = 8 lbs

Current Weight = 248 lbs

Maybe, I will loose more next week. One good thing is my pants pic looks drastically different than from day 1. Entering week 3, hopeful but sad.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reflections on Day 13

This morning I created a milestone....small but significant. I usually run/walk one mile on the treadmill and that would kick my butt. I’m telling you, I was so proud the first day I did that mile and today I pushed myself. I am so used to telling myself what I can or can’t do and when I make up in my mind I can’t do something, I usually don’t put forth the effort because I’m afraid at failing but was a different story. I went to the gym before I went to church and I was on the treadmill. I saw that I had reached one mile quicker than I usually do and I had more strength left in me than I usually do. If I had stopped at that mile it would have been because of routine, not because I did not have more strength left in me. However, in that moment I was afraid that 2 miles would be impossible and I said, “I can’t do this.” But instead of settling at the idea that it was impossible for me to do, I prayed and said, “Lord give me the strength to do this” and in 22 minutes, I complete 2.04 miles and burned 216 calories....whohooo!!! Nobody has to get excited for me because I am so excited for myself. I am used to seeking validation or gaining validation from others but this chapter of my life is teaching me to be proud of me. From this day on when I think I can’t do something, before I determine not to attempt it, I will pray, “Lord give me the strength to do _____.” It is a daily process and some days are harder than others but today, today was a good day and that is all I have to focus on for now. Yesterday is gone and I can only anticipate tomorrow but right now, I can celebrate my today because this day was about was about pushing myself and believing that I am more than what I concluded about me. I’m a fighter, even if I have to continue to say it to myself before I believe it. Today, I believe it because I see it. Maybe tomorrow, I will believe it before I see it...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Reflections on Day 12

my friend Cathy Horner and i were chatting on facebook and she says to me, "I tell my daugher, God made my body His's time for a remodeling"...i love that perspective and i hope you do to...those are my thoughts for now

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reflections on Day 10

today was pretty chill...ran some errands and made sure i went to the gym...i find myself struggling through these workouts, mentally fighting to get on these machines and make it happen but you know what, "i get soooo much more energy on the treadmill than i've ever had before"...right now i run/walk a mile...ima shoot for 1.5 miles next week then 2 miles after..and on and on and on...IM ON A MISSION...HOW ABOUT YOU???

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reflections on Day 9

my uncle has been in the hospital the last couple of days because he has suffered a massive a result, i have done basically two things: 1. worked out 2. been with my family in the hospital...through all of this i have learned, that taking care of my health MUST be a priority and not matter what arises in life, i must find ways to keep it in no i can't workout twice a day but i can go once and still eat healthy or maybe i can't workout at all this day but i can eat right and make an attempt to walk as much as possible...its about finding creative was to still take care of ME.....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WEEK 2: day 8...WHOHOOOO -6LBS

I am sooooo excited...we have entered a new week of this journey and as promised, i would give you updates....

Starting Weight = 256lb

Current Weight = 250lbs

Total Weight Loss= 6 lbs

GOING STRONG BABY!!!...check out the new pics.....

Monday, June 7, 2010

Reflections on Day 7...when life interrupts

it has been quite a uncle had a massive stroke and ive been in the hospital...did not work out today but i ate is all about balance...being healthy is not about eating right and going to the is about taking care of yourself, it was best for me to come home and REST...i will get up tomorrow morning and workout b4 another day with the fam bam...LORD GIVE ME YOUR STRENGTH BECAUSE MINE IS NON-EXISTENT!!!

Reflections on Day 6...right ON TIME

sooo i did not get to the gym until really late tonight and i struggled with going because someone was going to go with me and ended up not being able to....but i pushed myself to go....i head to the elliptical and my dang oh ipod won't work...and im like "i can not believe this. i can't make it through this without my music" i kept trying to make it work and it would not respond so i said "forget it. i will do some weights and leave"...just as i step off of the machine, my iPod starts working....oh how i give God praise in the small things because it is the small things that make a HUGE difference in my life....another day down and i am at peace.....gnite people but before i go i just want to remind you that GOD CARES ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Reflections on Day 5

Rejoice! Oh rejoice in the Lord for He is good! He takes a sorrowful heart and brings life to it...ask me how i know? Because He has done it for me....i rose early this morning and i had an amazing workout...burned 300 calories on the elliptical, did some weights and swam 20 set the tone for my day and i ended my day in a prayer gathering at my church, where they prayed for me and this journey i am on...i made a declaration to God that from this day on, i will fully trust Him in this journey and that I will not complain but i will do my part and trust that He will do His....i have had moments of frustration because i want it all off NOW. But i know that it is not going to happen so i would rather spend my energies enjoying myself than down and depressed but something unrealistic that i want to occur....rejoice and be glad! i have an amazing life and i choose not to waste it on depression but to go forth in God's power and conquer my GIANTS...i.e. my struggle with we go!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Reflections on Day 4

today i decided not to work out...sunday would have been my day of rest but i decided i needed to chill and release some gonna hop up early tomorrow morning and workout and the gym and swim and then go walking with mom...i cooked for the family which is something i love doing this summer because when i cook it forces them to eat healthy....once again, this is not just about me but the community that i live in...i made some good salmon and some good oh steamed broccoli and grilled corn...yummy...anywho, i found myself being encouraged by friends today...thanking God for putting people in my life who refuse to allow me to give up on myself...

there are days that i go to sleep and wish God would allow me to wake up small but i know that there is something He is teaching me in the PROCESS and though i want it to be over, only He knows my ultimate good so i am learning to be patient, do my part and trust Him every step of the way...

Thank God for God and His concern for little oh day this stomach will be gone and until then i push forward, striving towards me goals and enjoying my today...i am truly blessed and if i focus on my flaws, i will never enjoy the beauties of my life... so as i journey to be a better me, may i never forget that i am sufficient TODAY!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reflections on Day 3

learning to lean on God every step of the way....i must realize that i gotta take this thing step by step and to celebrate the small my mind i set out to do certain exercises but my body falls day i will be super athletic but until then, i choose to move forward and not give up...i HATE my stomach so i allow it to motivate me to never use my body as a waste can ever again...choosing to live for today because tomorrow is over and i can't change the past but i can ALWAYS learn from it....

Reflections on Day 2...hard but accomplished

its kinda past day two given that it is 12:31 in the morning but this shows you how long my day has been. i am in so much pain right was a good day though. i worked out with my mom this morning at the track...that was cool because it helps me remember that it is not all about me....even while walking on the track, i wanted to walk faster to feel like i was getting a better workout but my mom wanted me to walk with her and her pace is different that mine and i had a moment and had to realize that sometimes in this life, you gotta slow down long enough to be a support to people around you....never get sooo focused on your personal goals that you forget to be part of the lives and aspirations of others....i love helping my mom out and when she was done walking...i ran a little and we left....good stuff

now to the hard part, i was given a challenge to run 10 x 1 minute sprints on the treadmill today...omg it was soooo hard...on sprint 3 i was ready to give up...i stopped and i prayed and i cried...and the amazing part about it is my aunt and i had just had a convo about how powerful prayer is...i said, "God please get me through this....give me the strength to finish"....and He did...i thought of the words of Bob from the Biggest Loser, "GET UP AND FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED!!" and i body is in pain but God got me through.....

that's it for now yall...let's do this!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reflections on Day 1

Today was quite difficult...but i stuck in there and finished strong. I stuck to a healthy eating regimen (the easy part) and I worked out twice today (the hard part)...i had a moment in the gym, during my first workout, and i almost cried....i couldn't believe how out of shape i am and how much pain and windedness i got from my workout...i was mad at my friend who worked me out because she would not let up but im glad she did not let up because she has not lost sight of my goals and how bad i want them.....

i guess i did not realize how hard this would be but honestly, some things you can't realize until you are in the moment but when you make up your mind that your goal is worth the pain, you will cry, scream, shout, get mad but you will endure and you will 1 is over and i am proud of myself because i had a major headache but i never gave up. i chose to see this day through....i am worth it...i don't just want to exist, I WANT TO LIVE!!! 23yrs of life, i have EXISTED overweight and today i choose to LIVE, conquering my weight...

"fighting obesity one decision at a time"....looking forward to tomorrow....goodnight for now

Week 1: day 1..."the point of no return"

OMG i am soooo excited. welcome welcome welcome and thank you for tuning in to "watch queen lose". my name is liana sims, i am 23 yrs old and ready to be fit and healthy and i want you all to join this journey with me...i've been overweight my entire life and in 2007 i decided to fight it. i lost 100lbs between 2007-2008 but in 2009 i plateaued. i recently applied for the show the biggest loser and was devastated when i was not selected. however, i decided that i am going to reach my goals even though my dream was crushed....there is still journey with me and be encouraged that there is no struggle too large to conquer....

follow me as i track my progress on this blog. each week i will post new pics of myself and i will notify you of how much weight i have nervous and excited...still can't believe i am putting myself out here like this but it is for a greater cause....i want people free so if my vulnerability inspires people to get up and take control of their lives than vulnerability HERE I COME....

My initial goal is to be under 200lbs and to fit these pants by the end of the summmer...

WEIGHT= 256lbs