Sunday, February 10, 2013



Now don't those look just delicious? I have recently found myself buying food out and not really making the time to cook my meals. Anyone on this health and fitness journey knows how crucial meal prep's pretty darn necessary. It saves you money and it creates an environment of eating that is bit more health conscious than what you will found out on the streets. When I eat out I eat pretty healthy but it is sooo not cheap to eat healthy when out and I still don't know everything that is going into those dishes. Thus, cooking healthy, tasty, and cost-effective meals at home is the way to go.  

Now, of course it is cool to go out here and there but I am trying to make that the exception to the rule and not the rule itself. But if a girl like me is going to cook meals at home, I must make sure it taste good to me. So, I decided to try these babies right here and boy did they come out quite tasty. It was my first time making should try them! They are simple, healthy, and tasty. YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT!!!     


3 green bell peppers 
1 lb of lean ground turkey
1 chopped onion
1 can of campbell's tomato & rice soup 
1 can of El Pato tomato sauce 
shredded cheese 


Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees.

  • In a medium skillet, cook the ground turkey and chopped onions. Season to taste (I used garlic powder, seasoned salt and pepper). Once the meat is cooked brown, combine in a pot with the tomato and rice soup. 
  • Cut bell peppers in half. Clean out the seeds and insides. Stuff the insides of the bell peppers with the contents that are in the pot. 
  • In a baking pan, lace the bottom with el pato sauce. Place the bell peppers in the baking pan and cover.
  • Cook the bell peppers for 30 minutes. Uncover the bell peppers and sprinkle with shredded cheese. Place back in the oven for 5 minutes. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013



I have come to realize that some things are just an absolute necessity for me on this journey. Point blank, my taste buds matter to me but so does being fit and enjoying the body that I am in. I have had to work diligently at find a way for those desires to fit well in my life. Hence there are some things that are just a necessity for me before I go to workout.  

I generally do my workouts in the morning. I rise early, somewhere around 6am to hit the gym. I am usually hungry when I wake up to go to the gym and God knows I have to have something to look forward to other than simply workout out. I look forward to eating my bars, or a small cup of cereal before I hit the gym. But like I said, It must (1) taste good to me and (2) align with my desires to be fit. So, as I go down the grocery aisle while shopping for my bars I must consider that reality. I LOVE LOVE LOVE things that have peanut butter in them and chocolate with it is not a bad idea. And you can't beat 110 CALORIES!!! 

So I examine the box for 4 major things: calories, protein, and fiber. If it is low in calories, and for me that is under 150 calories, has a decent amount of protein or fiber (4 or higher) and has the ingredients that are pleasing to my taste buds, then it is a winner!!!!

And this week, that seems to be Special K Chocolate and Peanut Butter protein and fiber bar. So I grab my bar, my water and I run out the house before I find a reason to stay home and get back in the bed :-)  Trust me, every little thing matters on this journey. Everyone has to find that thing that works for them, motivates them and gives them the small touches of joy while trying to remain consistent in the fight for their life. At least, that's a little bit of how my journey works. 


Tuesday, February 5, 2013



This morning when I came home from the gym I realized that my hamper was full of dirty workout clothes. Oh the small things in life that make such a huge difference. How often have you been grateful for the dirty laundry? For me, it represents commitment, consistency, diligence, perseverance, drive and dedication. So many times I have awaken to the thought, “I really don’t want to workout today. I’ll go tomorrow.” But then it hits me, I am not going to feel any different tomorrow morning than I do this morning so, I might as well just go. I always feel better after the workout. I always feel accomplished and strong. But it’s the process of getting out of bed, and actually getting to the gym that is the most difficult part. But today, TODAY was a good day. Because today, I felt the accomplishment tied to a hamper full of dirty workout clothes. And as I placed each item in the washing machine, I felt like an athlete simply preparing for the next leg of the race. Oh the journey is bittersweet but today, TODAY was sweet!! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012


2008 was an epic year for me. At 21 years old, I had lost 100 pounds all by myself. That, my friends, is my definition of a miracle. When asked, who is my hero, I quickly respond 356-pound version of Liana. I have a relatively short list of heroes and she most certainly belongs on it. Why am I my own hero? That may sound a bit egocentric but it isn’t. It’s revolutionary. I often encounter people who have lost weight and when they look back on the heavier versions of themselves, they are disgusted. They are ashamed, embarrassed and uncomfortable with the image of what they used to be. That’s not my story. I give all the credit of who I am today to a very broken, wounded but courageous young lady who at 356 pounds, made a decision to fight for her own life. I was afraid but I was desperate and hopeful enough to take a chance. I took a chance on myself. When is the last time you took a chance on yourself?    

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Holiday Weight Loss Thought: I was having a conversation the other day with someone so I thought I would share my opinion about weight loss and the holidays. It is my personal opinion that the healthiest approach to making it through the holidays is to focus on maintenance. Don't be so unrealistic and hard with yourself that you can't enjoy the festivities. On the other hand, don't throw away this time by gaining a whole bunch of unnecessary holiday weight. Eat reasonably, workout consistently to help off-set some of the extra calories you may intake from some of the treats. Limit yourself and exercise self control. Pick the treats and meals that matter most to you and enjoy those. For example, on Christmas I have a brunch with my adopted family, gumbo with my parents and then dessert with my entire family. GUMBO matters most to me. So, I won't be eating all the danishes and carbs with breakfast and dessert that night will be a very small portion and I just might make some fat-free brownies so I know there is something there for me to eat. And of course, I will be going for a run that morning. Heck, I may start incorporating a few 2-a-day workouts just to keep myself on track. Learn to tell yourself, 'No" so that you can tell yourself, "Yes." Don't forget to enjoy the MUSIC, THE LIGHTS, & ALL THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE. At least that's what makes the holidays special to me :-)